5 Clues Your Child Is not Brushing
1. The toothbrush is dry.
It’s tough to keep the toothbrush dry if you’re actually brushing! Make sure to check your child’s toothbrush every day (and night ) – before it has time to dry.  Get a timer and have them brush 2 minutes at a time morning and night -with night being the most important time to brush!
2. You can still see food particles.
After your child has brushed, ask for a smile. If you can still see bits of food on or in between your child’s teeth, send your child back to the bathroom for a do-over.  Better yet , go in and do it for them and have them do it so you can see.  You really cannnot do too much for your childs teeth
3. Teeth don’t pass the “squeak test.”
Have your child wet his or her finger and rub it quickly across the outside and inside of his or her teeth. If the teeth are clean, you will hear a squeaking sound.   We have disclosing tablets  at the office that we can give you to check – just have them chew it up and look to see if there are blue or purple areas- that is plaque and they missed brushing there!
4. Breath is everything but fresh.
If your child is brushing and flossing regularly, his or her breath should be fresh. The foul odor associated with bad breath is most often caused by food particles — either food left in between teeth or food trapped in the grooves on the tongue. ACT is a great mouth rinse that is especially for kids and it has fluoride to help make the teeth stronger!
5. Your child has a toothache.
Even if you can’t tell if your child is brushing well, a toothache is a red flag. Make sure your child sees the dentist right away – a filling or other treatment may be in order.  Some times you need to look in their mouth – if there is a bubble on the gum, the nerve in the tooth may be dying and or infected!
Remember, brushing is just one part of your child’s total oral health regimen. In order to remove stubborn plaque and tartar buildup and prevent other dental problems, regular exams and cleanings are a must.  At Dr McGarry’s office we  can help reinforce the importance of good oral hygiene with your child and we love kids!