i- podepicipad3Are We Green Yet?
Green Dentistry-we have been there for many years. We stopped paper charts in 2003-we have been digital since then.

We got digital x-rays including a Panoramic x-ray that takes x-rays around your head instead of inside it. They are 90% less radiation- I can’t believe all dentists don’t have this.

Now we have music for you on the I- Pod for anything you enjoy listening to. We have a lot of educational videos on the I- Pad – If you are interested in knowing about anything in dentistry- just ask -if we don’t know right then -we will research it for you!

We have been offering Mercury free fillings since I graduated 28 years ago.-We can do white fillings and porcelain fillings and crowns.

Let us try to save the environment in every way we can!

Toothfully Yours Dr Patty