Can Healthy Teeth Cause Memory Loss?
If someone you know or love has developed dementia, you know how much suffering can accompany this horrible condition. But can it have anything to do with dental health?
Recently a study was done in Japan following 1566 elderly in a single commmunity, and the findings were facinating. It was shown that people with fewer than 20 teeth had over 60% greater risk of dementia, and having greater than 20 teeth significanly reduces the chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease.
“Our findings emphasize the importance of dental care and treatment, especially in terms of maintenance of teeth from an early age for reducing the risk os future dementia,” sad Dr Tomoyuki Ohara from the Journal of American Geriatrics Society study.
This is the first study of it’s kind, so further research may be needed, but at Dr McGarry’s office we are convinced that excellent dental care has an extremely positive effect on overall body health. If you are having any dental issues or are overdue for a regular dentalexam, please call us at 810-735-9426. or email contact

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