Tooth Replacement

When you have missing teeth, the jaw can collapse, much like a bookcase when one or more books are removed. Displaced teeth no longer work in harmony with the rest of your mouth, and results in more destruction. At our office, we want to keep your mouth as full, functional, and beautiful as a bookshelf with all its books.

We offer the following options for tooth replacement:

  • Bridges — A dental bridge does exactly what the word implies: it bridges across an empty space. Teeth on either side of the missing tooth space are trimmed down so that a cap is placed on each of those teeth. The missing tooth is soldered in between and cemented in one piece. Bridges do not come out, they look like your natural teeth, and they’re comfortable and don’t move when you’re chewing. They anchor and support your neighboring teeth, keeping teeth aligned, and restore your mouth to a level of prevention.
  • Implant Crowns — These are great because no other teeth are touched! Dental implants are the nearest thing to natural tooth function available in dentistry. Using the same principles and materials used in joint replacement surgery, dental implants are securely anchored into bone.
  • Full Dentures
  • Removable Partial Dentures – These are for when only some of your teeth are missing. Removable partial dentures have metal clasps that clip onto teeth to hold the device in the mouth. Patients need to take these in and out for cleaning after eating.
  • Implant retained dentures and partial dentures –– Implant-retained dentures provide an advanced alternative to traditional denture placement, as they are secured in the mouth using titanium implant posts, providing greater strength and stability for the replacement teeth.

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