While no one knows exactly where the 5 second rule originated.  You  have probably done it yourself.

The rule states that when food is dropped on the floor, it is safe to eat if picked up within 5 seconds. But is it really true?

Believe it or not, recently a study was done at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ  to see if it was true.  They dropped 4 different foods on 4 different surfaces allowing contact times of 1 second, 5 second, 30 seconds and 300 seconds.  Each was contaminated with bacteria that  commonly occur in the human digestive  system and allowed to dry.

The findings:

Watermmelon was the most easily contaminated food, gummy bears the least.

  • Carpet had a lower bacteral transfer than stainless steel
  • The wetter the food, the higher risk of bacterial transfer
  • Although leaving food on the floor longer results in more bacteria being transferred,some bacteria get on food instantly

To put it more simply- The Five Second Rule is simply not true!!