When you find out the bad news — that you’ve got a cavity or two, the good news is this: You’ve got options!

At Schultz Family Dentistry, we offer the following filling choices:

  • White (Composite or Porcelain) — These are bonded fillings, and generally remove less tooth structure.
  • Silver mercury amalgams –More tooth is generally removed because it is a mechanical retention necessary to hold the filling in the tooth.
  • Gold – This is the longest lasting material we can put in your mouth.  If you take good care of your teeth, nothing lasts longer!
  • Crowns -We offer various crown types, such as all porcelain, porcelain to precious metal, gold, and zirconia (a very strong porcelain white material)

When you have a cavity, it is important to get it taken care of as soon as possible, or it will get much worse. Today’s technology allows dentists to show you a picture (x-ray) of your damaged tooth before you make any decisions, and we will discuss your options and make you as involved in your care as possible.

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