There’s no need to fear the dentist when you come to Dr.McGarry’s office … we’re the small town dentist office that produces BIG smiles!! Our staff prides itself on providing the finest in dental care while keeping you relaxed, comfortable, and smiling bigger and better than before you walk in our doors.

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No matter what your needs — routine cleaning, whitening, an emergency or anything else — we’re family friendly, focused on your oral health, and here to answer any questions you may have. Constantly pursuing the latest advances in dentistry, our doctors and staff routinely attend continuing education seminars and classes in order to stay on the cutting edge of the field and provide you with the absolute best in care.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Schultz staff is more a family than an office staff … in fact, some of us have been with her since the very beginning of the practice! We value our patients as our friends and will make you feel at home from the very first phone call. We have a lot of fun seeing many of our patients and their families outside the office when we’re involved at local community events, and have a reputation for making the best balloon animals around.  We love children and make learning the importance of taking care of their teeth fun! Of course, we love working with parents and grandparents, too, and we’d like to introduce ourselves. Come say hi!

Our office is located at 200 Lindenwood Drive in historic Linden, MI.

Call us at (810) 735-9426


Hours are as follows:

Monday: 11AM-7PM
Tuesday: 10AM-7PM
Wednesday: 11AM-7PM
Thursday: 8AM-3PM
Friday: CLOSED
Saturday: 8AM-12PM

Check out our blog below for some toothy tips!

Making Dental Visits easy and Fun for Kids

With your help, dental visits can be a positive - even fun- experience for your kids.  Our staff is great with kids and will spend a lot of time with your kids to help them feel comfortable and understand what they can expect.  You can help us make their next visit...

Fungus On Your Dentures?

About 120 million people in the US are missing at  least 1 tooth, and 36 million people do not have any teeth.  If you are one of the 15-20% who wear dentures an issue for denture wearers is gum infection due to Candida Albicans or fungus that grows on the...

Life Is A Grind And Even More So For Your Teeth

Life is a Grind, and even more so for your teeth! If you find your spouse or bed partner elbowing you in the night and saying Quit grinding your teeth.  Our teeth are being ground into dust or definitely much shorter by the "perpetual motion machine" of our jaws! In...

Alcohol Can Cause Bad Breath

A girls nite out or beer with the bros could give you more than a hangover.  Alcohol can dry out your mouth which encourages bacterial halitosis (Bad Breath).  Drinks with spicy foods and cigarettes can too.  

Do You Follow The 5 Second Rule

While no one knows exactly where the 5 second rule originated.  You  have probably done it yourself. The rule states that when food is dropped on the floor, it is safe to eat if picked up within 5 seconds. But is it really true? Believe it or not, recently a study was...

Why Am I Getting Cavities Now

Wonder why you are suddenly getting cavities when you haven't had them in years? As we get older, we enter a 2nd round of cavity prone years. One common cause of cavities in older adults is Dry Mouth. It is not a normal part of aging. However, it is side effect of...

Moderate exercise right before an appointment may help patients with severe dental phobia, a new study has found.  Patients who walked at a moderate pace for 30 minutes experienced decreased anxiety before, during and after dental treatment. Treadmill training or...

Bad Breath Yuk!

What can you you do for bad breath?  What causes it? 1.Malodor can be caused by a smelly diet, like spices and garlic 2.  A heavy tongue coating - stick your tongue out and look at it- what color is it It should be nice and pink not brown or white. 3.Gum disease can...

3 Ways To Prevent Summertime Tooth Decay

3 ways to prevent summertime  tooth decay Stay on a routine- It is important for families to consistently brush and floss- try a brushing calendar to help everyone stay on track over the summer.  Brushing alongside your children for 2 minutes, twice a day for the...

15 Signs You Need To See A Dentist

Your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold Your gums are puffy and/or they bleed when you brush or floss You have fillings, crowns, implants,dentures or partials You don't like the way your teeth look when you smile You have persistent bad breath or a bad taste in your...

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