There’s no need to fear the dentist when you come to Dr.McGarry’s office … we’re the small town dentist office that produces BIG smiles!! Our staff prides itself on providing the finest in dental care while keeping you relaxed, comfortable, and smiling bigger and better than before you walk in our doors.

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No matter what your needs — routine cleaning, whitening, an emergency or anything else — we’re family friendly, focused on your oral health, and here to answer any questions you may have. Constantly pursuing the latest advances in dentistry, our doctors and staff routinely attend continuing education seminars and classes in order to stay on the cutting edge of the field and provide you with the absolute best in care.

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Dr. Schultz staff is more a family than an office staff … in fact, some of us have been with her since the very beginning of the practice! We value our patients as our friends and will make you feel at home from the very first phone call. We have a lot of fun seeing many of our patients and their families outside the office when we’re involved at local community events, and have a reputation for making the best balloon animals around.  We love children and make learning the importance of taking care of their teeth fun! Of course, we love working with parents and grandparents, too, and we’d like to introduce ourselves. Come say hi!

Our office is located at 200 Lindenwood Drive in historic Linden, MI.

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Dr. McGarry's website will be down in the next week or so because it needs some important updates and will be getting a much-needed makeover. The office itself will remain open during their regular business hours. If you visit this site and see a temporary...

Should You Replace Your Silver Fillings?

You may have noticed that there are many types of fillings - silver, gold, white (tooth-colored) fillings-what is the story?- Many people have told us that  "they heard" silver fillings were very dangerous and should be replaced- First let's discuss the advantages of...

Can Healthy Teeth Cause Memory Loss?

Can Healthy Teeth Cause Memory Loss? If someone you know or love has developed dementia, you know how much suffering can accompany this horrible condition. But can it have anything to do with dental health? Recently a study was done in Japan following 1566 elderly in...

Are You Gluing Sugar To Your Teeth?

Are you gluing sugar to your teeth? Fruity treats like raisins and dried fruits are so sticky that they have the effect of "gluing sugar to the the teeth"-Like and Share this with anyone who let their children or themselves snack on dried fruit and raisins- Toothfully...

Mom and Dad are the First Dentists

Parents take a huge role in preventing cavities!  It important to know how to clean your babies mouth even before they are born.  Treatment for both cavities and gum disease are important for pregnant women because parents can pass bacteria to their newborns.  Even if...

Does It Hurt?

Does it Hurt? Pain Meds - Alternatives to Narcotics: What can you take for pain relief?  Try 200-400mg of Motrin or similar Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drug and take it with Tylenol 500mg with a full glass of water.  This is very important- the water helps the...

Braces Built For Busy Adults

If you needed braces as a child but didn't get them, you can still benefit from an improved smile and better oral health by wearing braces either clear braces or Invisalign in your adult years. If smiling was never easier for you, it will be.  Many patients say they...

You Deserve a Great Smile-Even If You Have Dentures

Can you have a great smile with dentures? Why not? If you have upper, lower, dentures or both you still can have a great smile! If you have upper dentures then you often have a ridge that will help to hold your dentures up and suction that helps with a well fitting denture. It is important that the dentist measure the amount of space that makes up the vertical (up and down) between your gums and teeth ( if you still have lower teeth). They need to take a mold of your mouth to help determine the room you have across the mouth also, and where your teeth can be positioned for their best efficiency in chewing and the best smile.

Some people have trouble wearing dentures- either they hurt an area or they move when you talk. This can especially occur in lower dentures- oftentimes they do not have a big ridge like the upper ones and your lips and tongue hit it when you talk and it moves around.

Recently there are implant supported dentures where 2-4 implants are put in to help the denture stay put. Often your existing denture can be modified to using implants to hold them in.

Here at Dr McGarry’s office we have Dr Rynearson who is great at making comfortable dentures with a beautiful smile. Give us a call and we can set you up for a consult and soon you too will have a great smile!!

The Dental Woes Of Women

The Dental Woes of Women Women come in all different shapes and sizes and regardless of their form oral hygiene is vital to the success of the female of the species. Thanks to the XX genetic markers, women have their own unique biological issues, health worries and...

White- Hot Composite Fillings

Dr. McGarry News May, 2017 White-Hot Composite Fillings When it comes to fillings, most people think of amalgam, or silver. That’s no surprise. Dentists have used amalgam to fill cavities for over 150 years and for good reason: Amalgam is one of the most durable and...

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