Pearly Whites And Winter Smiles
What can we do in the winter to help keep our smiles healthy and great?

Take Care of Your Toothbrush!- Replace it every 3-4 months (sooner if the bristles are worn down) to make sure it is cleaning effectively. Thoroughly rinse your brush and store it in an upright position where it can air dry between uses. Avoid storing your toothbrush in a closed container or covering it, as the moist environment could encourage growth of bacteria.
Avoid Spreading Germs-Replace your toothbrush after you have been sick to avoid re-infecting yourself, and don’t share toothbrushes as that can exchange bacteria between users. People with compromised immune systems may consider replacing toothbrushes more frequently to decrease bacteria exposure.
Wear A Mouthguard- If you are going ice skating, hockey, or basketball wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth. Most stores carry at least a boil and bite mouthguard for just a few dollars. Injuries to the mouth and teeth among athletes account for more than 600,000 ER visits per year, and sports related injuries account for 3 times more facial/dental injuries than violence or traffic accidents- Mouth guards cut the risk of concussion by 50 %. We make custom guards that fit better and the kids and adults wear them!
Don’t Ignore Sensitivity- If the cold air is bothering your teeth, be sure to get it checked out. Your dentist can help determine if there is a problem or if it is general sensitivity that may be taken care of by a special toothpaste.
See Your Dentist Regularly- Regular exams and cleanings will help you prevent problems and identify them early so they can be addressed in the most effective and with the least cost.FunTooth