We’ve all seen Steve Martin’s “Little Shop of Horrors” crazy sadistic performance or heard a friend’s over-inflated version of a bad office visit (usually involving a root canal), but going to the dentist these days really isn’t scary!

With modern technology and advanced techniques available, a dental visit can be not just painless but actually relaxing!

Like it or not, most of us go to the dentist routinely to keep our teeth and gums healthy because it’s what we’re supposed to do, not because it’s a favorite activity.  But did you know that 75% of the population experience some sort of dental fear and 15% actually avoid going to the dentist all together due to severe anxiety?

Infrequent dental visits or total avoidance can cause severe health problems, even heart disease and strokes.  This can be a serious problem.

Here at Dr. Patricia McGarry’s, we take this issue very  seriously.  We want to make each visit to the dentist as comfortable and stress free as possible.  That’s why we do everything we can to soothe and relax you from the minute you walk in the door.  We have stereo noise-canceling headphones that let you choose your own music and drown out the background noise.  We use Nitrous Oxide to relax you and our up-to-date anesthesia techniques make dental treatment incredibly comfortable.  And, if necessary, we even offer minor sedation to help you through your visit with less anxiety.

We feel your dental health is so important that we take these extra steps to help you stay as healthy as possible and to make each visit a stress free one.  When you leave our office, we are committed to making your smile in every way.

Please give us a call at 810-735-9426 to schedule your next appointment.  With your comfort in mind, we will make sure that every visit is a great one!