Nobody likes to get their blood taken-it’s  just not fun!!   But it is the only way we can be tested for  diabetes, anemia, cholesterol levels and many important issues to help you stay healthy.  Well that  soon may change!

Scientists at John Hopkins University are say there may be now a much easier way to check if you are sick- spit!

Yes- good old saliva contains DNA, enzymes, hormones, proteins and lots of other great stuff that is making it a great candidate for medical testing. And best of all, it’s and painless to get.

Recently, Dr Steven Hirschfeld of the National Institutes of Health- We like tests that are fast, inexpensive,  and can be repeated many times.
trials have been done with saliva to test for heart disease risk, HIV, hormone diseases, ADD in kids and even a women’s ability to have good relationships with men based on their feelings for good old Dad. (This one is based on levels of stress hormones found in saliva when women discuss relationship topics!!)

It’s tough to even compare how easy it is to spit in a cup versus having blood taken – the nurses always call it (a little poke- Ha Ha- who are they kidding)
Saliva has lots of jobs.  It softens food as you chew it, making that sandwich much easier to swallow.  It helps your tongue to taste and is the first step in in digesting your food and cleans the inside of your mouth and rinses your teeth.  Most people produce one to two liters of saliva a day!!

If you feel that your mouth is always dry, be sure to let us know.  I t could be caused by medications (there are at least 135 of medicines that cause this), aging,or possibly a serious medical condition.  And get prepared for the day when instead of someone saying “please roll up your sleeve for a blood test- they simply ask you to spit in a cup!!

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