Xylitol can reverse decay- especially if it is small!! Xylitol has been around a long time. It is a 5 carbon sugar alcohol that is made from birch and hardwood trees. It is also found in fruit ( yellow plums, strawberries, raspberries, endive and mushrooms. )

Xylitol is produced in the human liver-therefore safe for humans to consume!

For decades it was used primarily for diabetic diets and in 1974 began to be produced in chewing gum.

What does it do? Regular sugar in the mouth creates an acidic cavity promoting low pH. Xylitol does not create acid in the mouth- It actually helps to prevent cavities- It won’t replace cleanings and exams but it can really help people who are high risk for decay.

Sounds too good to be true? 1 of the drawbacks is it can upset your tummy- they don’t recommend more than 5 sticks of gum a day.

What else can it do- It can reduce the amount of insulin required to maintain blood sugar levels. When uses as a nasal wash it helped prevent bacteria from sticking and thus reduced the risk of infections. It has been shown to help fight ear infections- it is even completely safe for expectant mothers. It has a glycemic index of 7 so it does not raise the blood sugar much and diabetics require no insulin due to the little change in the glucose.

Sounds perfect doesn’t it – great for our teeth, but it is deadly to Dogs so keep them away from It!easter valentines day and halloween fillings