Not brushing isn’t pretty and it doesn’t smell good!

  • The right toothbrush can save your teeth with a little help from flossing.  Remember the softer the better- they are easier on your gums- they are not the kitchen floor.
  • There are “natural” toothbrushes that are brown bristled or made from an Araak tree- there has been little research on anything other than nylon bristles- until we know more it is best to stick with nylon.
  • Get a heads up.  When it comes to toothbrush head, you might think bigger is better- that is not always the case -especially if you have small mouth, a toothbrush with a big head may make it difficult to brush hard to reach areas.
  • Choose a handle with care – don’t be fooled into thinking that bright and shiny is all you need.  Look for a handle that feels comfortable in your hand and is easy to maneuver.  if you have arthritis look for a non-slip surface.
  • Don’t forget your brush will wear out – change it after an illness or when the bristles fray.
  • I love electric toothbrushes- especially ones with a timer like the Sonicare or Oral-B  They and brush 250 times a minute  and you feel like you just got your teeth cleaned!

    This is my nephew Winston with his electric brush