When you come in for you dental visit you may notice that we do a lot more than examine your teeth and gums.  One of the more important parts of your visit is when we ask you questions about your general health.

But many people have said to us, “What does this have to do with my dental check up?”

The answer? A LOT!!

More and more research is being published linking dental heath to over all health, and at Dr. McGarry’s office we are concerned about both.

Did you know diabetes, especially when it is undiagnosed, can be a huge factor in gum disease, eventually causing tooth loss.  A recent study at Columbia University concluded that gum disease is an early complication of diabetes. They said that since 70% of adults see a dentist at least once a year, this is a perfect opportunity to screen for diabetes and other diseases.

According to a recent article in the British Dental Journal, it works the other way around too, as gum disease can be a contributing factor in heart disease, oral cancer and other illnesses.

Are you taking any medications, either prescription or over-the -counter?  Many of these can lead to dry mouth, gum inflammation and other dental problems.  And it is even more complicated for women, as hormonal changes, pregnancy, and oral contraceptives can cause many changes in oral health.

So the good news is this: unlike a visit to your physician, you get to keep your clothes on and won’t be poked and prodded anywhere other than your mouth!  But as you can see, it is extremely important that we know about your total physical health and any medications you are taking.  Not only can we save your teeth, we may actually be able to save your life!

If you want to know more about your dental health and how it relates to you overall health please let us know.  If you have any questions or want to schedule your next appointment,  just give us a call at 1-810-735-9426.  We are here for you!

Toothfully yours,

Dr. Patty