There is more to worry about than the sugar content and gaining weight when you drink soda or pop.  Many carbonated sodas are nearly as corrosive to the enamel as battery acid!  While non cola drinks are less acidic than cola drinks in general, the potential of cola to erode your teeth is ten times that of natural fruit juice with no sugar added.  The new energy drinks are even worse — They contain acid which the manufacturer puts in to give it a longer shelf life.  Now they have discovered that diet drinks have more acid in them than the sugar colas.  If you must drink colas or acidic diet or energy drinks, SLAM IT – drink it all at once and try to rinse or brush afterward.  Every time you  take a sip the pH in your mouth goes down- the more acid in the pop the worse it gets.  So if you sip on pop it will keep the pH down and really corrode your teeth.  The good news is that our saliva is hypercalcified so it will return the pH to the normal values within 1/2 hour and recalcify the teeth–if you have normal saliva.  Some people take a lot of medications that cause dry mouth now there are over 1800 medications that can do this- but that will be another blog