3 ways to prevent summertime  tooth decay

  1. Stay on a routine- It is important for families to consistently brush and floss- try a brushing calendar to help everyone stay on track over the summer.  Brushing alongside your children for 2 minutes, twice a day for the three months of summer-gives you 6 extra hours together, so make the most of them!- don’t forget to floss as soon as there are 2 teeth together.
  2.  Say no to sugary snacks  and drinks- Watch your family’s drinking lemonade, juice or pop.  Consider these treats to enjoy once in a while, and not often.  Instead offer water  -even better if it has fluoride to beat the heat, or milk to drink with meals.  Taking a break from snacking is healthy for you child and it allows time for saliva to bathe the teeth, wash away extra food and get stronger!
  3. Make your back to school visits early- some schools require back to school visits and this is a good way to help your child’s teeth stay healthy.  Avoid the August rush and help insure you get the time that works best for you.  At Dr McGarry’s office we are open late 3 nights a week and have Saturday appointments to help you out so your child doesn’t have to miss school.  Visiting the dentist regularly can help your child smile stay healthy all year long