There are modifiable risk factors to delay this disease!

There is an increased memory loss of 220% for smokers – so give it another try and stop!

By 2050 if you make it to age 85, you have a 50% chance of Alzhiemer”s- Here are risk factors that you can do something about- The same things that can cause Alzhiemer’s can cause heart disease- High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Poor Sleep, Lack of Excercise- so try to control these- Keep your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol down and check for sleep apnea. Sleep apnea triples you risk of Alzhiemer’s-You can get a Fitbit or Apple watch with an app that monitors your sleep. Get Up and Move! Excercise is so important – try walking daily. If you want natural options for everything read “How Not To Die” by Michael Greger MD

There is a new study that indicates that gum disease bacteria can cross the brain barrier and cause a neuro-inflammatory response. The bacteria form plaques, kind of like meatballs that keep getting bigger and bigger causing it to block brain cells and broad spectrum antibiotics do not protect the cells in the brain. People with Alzhiemer’s have a lot more of these plaques. Try to get gum disease under control either with the gum specialist or seeing your dentist every three months.

Yeast infections in the mouth (red sores at the side of your mouth that don’t heal up) and redness under a denture ( they live in the plastic) are found in brain plaques. Herpes virus can cross the blood brain barrier and are found in these plaques. Herpes causes cold sores and lives in your brain.

Every tooth lost can cause increased inflammation and memory loss. Good chewing increases blood flow and increased circulation of the blood. There is a 61% increased memory loss for 10 teeth or less lost. There is 81% increased memory loss for 20 teeth or more lost! Try not to lose your teeth!

There is a 220% increased chance of memory loss if you smoke-so give it another try to stop!B