Over the years, and for various reasons, all of our smiles become less bright. It could be excessive coffee consumption, smoking, genetics, or a combination of things. If you’re serious about achieving a whiter smile, we can help.

Our office offers the following different ways to whiten your teeth:

Power Whitening

This is often used with take-home whitening procedures. For a power-whitening treatment, the dentist first protects your gums, and then carefully applies a concentrated whitening agent.  The laser light will heat up the medication for about one hour. This will “jump-start” the whitening. Then, at the end of the laser treatment, you will be given a whitening agent and a customized tray with detailed instruction to continue the whitening at home. You need to wear the tray for 1-2 hour at home for about 5 days.

After five days, the dentist will see you in the office to carefully examine the progress. In most of the cases, the treatment is successful, even when dealing with the toughest stain. Occasionally, in rare instances, our dentist may have to generously give you more bleaching agent and ask you to wear the tray for additional 3-5 days.

Home Whitening

Home whitening takes more time than power whitening, but is has the ability to make your teeth as white as can be. First, we take an impression of your teeth to build custom-fitted bleaching trays.  After we fit the trays to your teeth, you take them home with the instructions and wear them with the bleach every day for about a week. This is a great option because you can use the trays again and again when you feel you need a “touch up.”

White Strips

Though they take more time, these are the most cost-effective option and do a good job on most teeth. Our whitening strips are THREE TIMES stronger than the ones you get at the drug store!  There is also Opal Glo where there is a pre-made tray that has the bleaching agent in the tray and you use it daily for a couple weeks but you cannot re use those trays.  If you have sensitivity to whitening we have a special agent you paint on the teeth and it relieves a the sensitivity – It works great!

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