Life is a Grind, and even more so for your teeth!

If you find your spouse or bed partner elbowing you in the night and saying Quit grinding your teeth.  Our teeth are being ground into dust or definitely much shorter by the “perpetual motion machine” of our jaws!

In recent years the number of patients suffering from bruxism- the dental term for grinding your teeth- has increased significantly.  Most people do not even realize that they’re grinding their teeth because it happens while they are sleeping, which is actually the most dangerous way.  Grinding is often associated with REM sleep or rapid eye movement, which can occur when you are having a dream that is “vivid, intense or violent.”

Most people grind their teeth- some more so than others and these are the people that need an appliance that will take the brunt of your opposing teeth.  Some of the things that indicate grinding are teeth that are worn flat on the bottom and thinning on the top teeth.  They can cause migraine headaches, chipped teeth, cracked fillings, and popping jaws when you eat.  A Night-guard or Bite splint can really help protect your teeth- A custom one made specifically for your teeth is the best.


Children can grind at night also – oftentimes that can indicate that their airway  is constricted by large tonsils or adenoids.  This can also affect their growth rate and they may have sleep apnea.  Generally removal of  the tonsils and or adenoids can solve this problem.