Do you gag on x- rays? I know I do!  Children can develop a  gag reflex and so can parents.  – Fortunate we can do many things at the dentist  and reduce potential fear of embarrassment.  For example We can use mouth rinses and sprays that dull the sensation  to help the x-ray process. Panoramic e-rays are also available, where no dental film is placed inside the mouth at all.  In worst case scenarios, all x-rays can be taken while the patient sleeps under sedation.

   If you or someone you know suffers from a sensitive gag reflex give us a call for an appointment for an initial consultation which learns the needs of the patient  and begin to develop a plan of care so they can experience dental care in comfort!

   As your dentist , I hope you will always feel comfortable to tell us how you feel and so we can make you as comfortable as possible .  We have nitrous oxide to make you more relaxed , comfy blankets, music from Pandora where you can pick anything you want,  Netflix where you can watch a show, squishy balls and characters to squeeze on- the gingerbread man is Sarah’s favorite -and if you prefer you can listen to Dr Patty and Sarah hum while we work.  Call us today for the most comfortable appointment ever !