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No matter what your needs — routine cleaning, whitening, an emergency or anything else — we’re family friendly, focused on your oral health, and here to answer any questions you may have. Constantly pursuing the latest advances in dentistry, our doctors and staff routinely attend continuing education seminars and classes in order to stay on the cutting edge of the field and provide you with the absolute best in care.

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Dr. Patty’s staff is more a family than an office staff … in fact, some of us have been with her since the very beginning of the practice! We value our patients as our friends and will make you feel at home from the very first phone call. We have a lot of fun seeing many of our patients and their families outside the office when we’re involved at local community events, and have a reputation for making the best balloon animals around.  We love children and make learning the importance of taking care of their teeth fun! Of course, we love working with parents and grandparents, too, and we’d like to introduce ourselves. Come say hi!

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Is Flavored Water Good For You?

Is Flavored Water Good For You?

OK you finally gave up soda. Now what do you drink? – Flavored water may not be as good as we think. The bubbles and the flavoring make the drink more acidic which can erode the enamel and make it more sensitive and even more susceptible to cavities. Sure seems like you can’t win. But there is a new posssibility now for both adults and kids – “Hint”-It is purified water with different natural flavors from the original fruits. It is vegan, free of calories with 0 sweeteners. I’m drinking one now and it is cool. Just a hint of taste and you are drinking water. Check out your grocery to see if they have it yet.

Don’t Use Teething Jewelry To Prevent Pain In Infants

Don’t Use Teething Jewelry To Prevent Pain In Infants

The FDA issued a warning against teething jewelry to prevent infant pain. There have been reports of choking, strangulation and deaths. Teething jewelry is made of amber, wood, marble or silicone.

Normal signs of Teething are – fussy, trouble sleeping irritability, Loss of Apetite and Drooling. Not normal is fever, diarrhea, or rash!

What to do? Try a cool spoon, moist gauze or look for teethers that are made of solid rubber, not liquid filled or plastics that may break. Do not use Benzocaine like Ora Gel-it can be associated with a fatal condition! Talk to your dentist or pediatrician.

What Causes The Most Decay and Toothaches?

Many different types of food cause decay in kids, not just candy.  Foods high in carbohydrate juice boxes,peanut butter, chips also attack children’s teeth- think about it when they eat crackers and smile and you see all that smush on their teeth-it isn’t good for their teeth!

What about soda? Daily prolonged exposure to soda can cause decay. Sipping a pop all afternoon is more harmful to the teeth then drinking a large soda with your meal.

Drinking fizzy or carbonated drinks – over a long period of time- contributes to the erosion of tooth enamel.  If erosion spreads beneath the enamel pain and sensitivity may result and can cause a nerve infection and then removing the  tooth or a root canal is  necessary

Worms Frogs and Onions

In the Neolithic period humans once believed the stabbing pains of toothaches were caused by a “tooth worm”.  If the pain was severe then the worm was wriggling; if it stopped it was resting.

In Ancient Greece they used donkey milk as a mouthwash to strengthen the gums and teeth.  However then they applied a frog to the cheek or head  on that side to absorb the pain or spit into the frogs mouth to transfer the pain to the frog.

In the Middle Ages people actually used honey to coat the tooth and waited with a tweezers  ready to snatch the tooth worm.  And those who could stand it applied a raw onion to the sore side of their face.

21st Century-Fortunately modern dentistry has made colossal    strides since the Middle Ages  Equipped with the latest technology and anesthesia you wont  find  a frog on your face ….unless that is your thing

To Brush Or Not To Brush

Not brushing isn’t pretty and it doesn’t smell good!

  • The right toothbrush can save your teeth with a little help from flossing.  Remember the softer the better- they are easier on your gums- they are not the kitchen floor.
  • There are “natural” toothbrushes that are brown bristled or made from an Araak tree- there has been little research on anything other than nylon bristles- until we know more it is best to stick with nylon.
  • Get a heads up.  When it comes to toothbrush head, you might think bigger is better- that is not always the case -especially if you have small mouth, a toothbrush with a big head may make it difficult to brush hard to reach areas.
  • Choose a handle with care – don’t be fooled into thinking that bright and shiny is all you need.  Look for a handle that feels comfortable in your hand and is easy to maneuver.  if you have arthritis look for a non-slip surface.
  • Don’t forget your brush will wear out – change it after an illness or when the bristles fray.
  • I love electric toothbrushes- especially ones with a timer like the Sonicare or Oral-B  They and brush 250 times a minute  and you feel like you just got your teeth cleaned!

    This is my nephew Winston with his electric brush


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